I'm going to choose a hobbie over a boyfriend. what are some cool hobbies?

Answer Making Boyfriends!

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I am 13 and i am addicted to msn. i need some hobbie ideas, i do sport about 5 times a week?

1. Try golfing, or get a friend to mini golf with you. People who enjoy regular golf can spend a whole afternoon at the course. 2. It's summer, go swimming! Even if you don't live near a beach, m... Read More »

I want a camera for my hobbie. Which camera should I start with?

For a hundred bucks your not buying anything. Any good that is. If you wanted a good started DSLR then I'd go with the Nikon D3100 D3200 or Canon T3i. All of which are out of your price range but w... Read More »