What is a hip pointer injury?

Answer A condition caused by impact to the hip bone, top of the femur or tissues in surrounding areas, hip pointer injuries occur due to a lack of fat covering these specific areas.FrequencyHip pointer in... Read More »

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I got a injury/cut while shaving my privat part ,penis.blood flow from it,injury is deep,i feel shy of consult?

make sure the bleeding stops. keep it clean and covered. and let it heal. unless you can't stop the bleeding you don't need to go to the doctor. you'll be uncomfortable for a couple of weeks, but i... Read More »

What is a pointer in c++?

Pointers are probably the most confusing aspect of programming in C++. At first glance, pointers appear to be mere duplicates of existing variables in a program. However, pointers have an entirely ... Read More »

What is a PDA pointer?

The pointer for a personal digital assistant, or PDA, is a small pen-shaped metal or plastic device with a small, soft tip. The pointer--more commonly known as a stylus--allows the device to receiv... Read More »

What is a mouse pointer?

A mouse pointer is the actual cursor that the computer user will see on the computer screen. The mouse pointer can change into a variety of shapes as an indication of the computer's current action.... Read More »