What is a high-yield money market?

Answer According to a survey by Forrester Research in 2006, 30 percent of American households have $10,000 sitting in a bank account, making little to no interest. One way to increase the overall amounts ... Read More »

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What is a high yield money market fund?

Investments fit into the broad scope of personal finance and with the right tools can better your financial outcome. A money market fund is one tool that offers a low-risk return on your investment... Read More »

What is a high-yield money market account?

A high-yield money market account is a type of savings or checking account. Terms and features of high-yield money market accounts vary, but what they have in common is that they pay you a higher i... Read More »

How does a high-yield money market work?

A high-yield money market account is an investment instrument that pays a higher interest rate than regular savings or checking accounts. In addition, depositors are required to keep a higher bala... Read More »

How to Compare High-Yield Money Market Accounts?

No matter how much or how little money you have to put away, you want to make the most of those funds. Using a bank's high-yield money market account to keep your money safe and available is one of... Read More »