What is a high rise condo?

Answer It is a condominium community with units in a high-rise building.

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What is the life expectancy of the insulation used in flat roof construction of a high rise condo?

You can find your answer in the documentation for the brand of insulation used in your condominium building. The builder should be able to provide this detail. As well, your Reserve Study may indi... Read More »

What to wear with high rise tights?

Theyre just leggings you can basically wear anything with them. Although I would say to wear them with long shirts & boots.

What is the method of sanitary and plumbing work for high-rise buildings?

Answer Same as any other building, based on fixture units connected and for storm drainage how many sq feet of roof are would determine the diameter of the piping Ok, there would be much more pipin... Read More »

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