What is a high rise condo?

Answer It is a condominium community with units in a high-rise building.

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What is the life expectancy of the insulation used in flat roof construction of a high rise condo?

You can find your answer in the documentation for the brand of insulation used in your condominium building. The builder should be able to provide this detail. As well, your Reserve Study may indi... Read More »

What to wear with high rise tights?

Theyre just leggings you can basically wear anything with them. Although I would say to wear them with long shirts & boots.

How high can your blood sugar rise before it becomes completly dangerous?

Actually each and every person is different. For some people it could be 300 and some others have gone as high as 1500 and still survived. Having too much sugar in the blood for long periods of tim... Read More »

Are their rules about throwing cigarettes over balconies in a condominium high rise?

The first rule should be common sense, followed closely by the local littering laws. This behaviour is not only childish, it's dangerous, because cigarettes can start fires. In your governing docu... Read More »