What is a high resolution picture?

Answer The resolution of an image plays an important role in determining the quality of any digital image. Normally, the higher resolution images will result in better overall pictures. This is especial... Read More »

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How can convert high VGA resolution into low VGA resolution Can use any electronic converter or device please tell?

Answer Devices called scalars or interpolators are made to convert images in this way. They can convert from PC signals to broadcast standard, PC to PC, broadcast to PC or even between broadcast st... Read More »

What defines the resolution of a monitor or picture?

As others have answered, resolution is the number of dots on your screen from the horizontal axis, by the horizontal. To put this into perspective, a nice Sony Wega TV (Non-HD) would be 800x600 re... Read More »

Can 2.20 ghz processor run the newest games at high resolution and high settings?

If your GPU (Graphic Processing Unit or Graphics Card) is good enough to run in high resolution and high setting then why not? Here are the SCENARIOSgo to Start -> run -> dxdiag -> and check your c... Read More »

What is high resolution?

The term high resolution describes a high-quality image that contains a lot of detail. This term usually applies to computer monitor resolution, television resolution, digital photographs, scanners... Read More »