What is a high fever for toddlers?

Answer Temperature of 102 degree F and above is generally considered as high in children. But it is important to remember that while assessing a child with fever we should not depend only on the degree of... Read More »

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If A child is found to have a fever of forty degrees Celsius how does a high fever affect the tissues in this child?

How high is too high for a fever in a toddler?

Kids whose temperatures are lower than 102° Fahrenheit (38.9° Celsius) often don't require medication unless they're uncomfortable. There's one important exception to this rule: If you have an in... Read More »

How high is a fever to high for a toddler?

Parents often worry about this, but brain damage from a fever is extremely unlikely. It's not unusual for a sick toddler to run a temperature of 104 or even 105 degrees F. Although fevers over 106 ... Read More »

What does high fever mean over and over?

It means you should go to a doctor and quit asking wikianswers