What is a high cancer marker?

Answer Samples of blood and urine can be submitted to a laboratory and tested for cancer tumor marker levels. These levels can assist the doctor to determine if a patient has cancer. These markers can als... Read More »

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Can skin cancer be caused my writing on your skin with marker?

Yes its true you are damaging your skin with the chemicals in the ink and putting them into your skin please stop otherwise you might get skin cancer

Is a clothing marker different from a permanent marker?

Clothing markers are chemically different from permanent markers. Clothing markers contain insoluble ingredients, which allow a legible, water-safe application to fabric. Permanent markers contain ... Read More »

Am i at high risk for getting cancer?

Every single heavy smoker that has ever lived started like you, with just one or two a day, just like my mother and father, neither of who saw their grandchildren because of cigarettes.Why would yo... Read More »

What does high-grade breast cancer mean?

The National Cancer Institute say the grade of a tumor is based in large part on its structure, growth patterns and degree of abnormality. High-grade tumors tend to grow and multiply more rapidly t... Read More »