What is a high blood pressure reading?

Answer Average, otherwise healthy adults are considered to have high blood pressure if their systolic blood pressure (top number) is higher than 140 or their diastolic blood pressure (bottom number) is ab... Read More »

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I have a blood pressure reading of 184/76 how high is this?

High systolic blood pressure (the first and higher number) appears to be a significant indicator for heart complications, including death, in all ages, but especially in middle-aged and older adult... Read More »

I measures my blood pressure becaus I have high blood pressure and it was 130/ 60 pulse. Is this high?

High is over 140130 is not bad120 is idealb/p changes all day.Your best bet is to take it twice a day at the same time each day. Make sure your in a calm environment.Do this for 2 weeks and give y... Read More »

What does a systolic blood pressure reading of 148 and diastolic reading of 55 mean in an elderly patient?

Your grandma's blood pressure reading is 148/55 mmHg. She has got stage 1 hypertension (Isolated systolic hypertension). Isolated systolic hypertension is defined as a systolic pressure that is abo... Read More »

High blood pressure--What multiple supplement lowers blood pressure?

Homeopathic Treatment for High Blood Pressure (Hypertension) :-Head remedy; with nervousness (during pregnancy use with care) Rauwolfia S.Q(Mother Tincture) 4 hourly With depression; suicidal tende... Read More »