What is a hibachi grill?

Answer Hibachi grill is a small portable grill used for cooking. Originally used in Asia, these grills are a popular cooking method for meats and vegetables.HistoryHibachi grills were originally used in C... Read More »

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How old do you have too be to work at hibachi 101?

What is the difference between sushi and hibachi?

Sushi is a way of preparing and serving of raw Japanese food.Hibachi is a way of cooking Japanese food on a small charcoal grill.

How much do you tip a hibachi chef for a party of 2?

20% and a little extra if he's a true showman on the grill.

When you forgot to put the top plate on my george foreman grill will this hurt the grill if you clean it with a brillo pad?

If i understand your q correctly no. Do not use steel wool on any Teflon finish though. Hope this helps. Mike