Is Heliotrope edible?

Answer Absolutely NOT. The plant may smell like cherry pie and is very beautiful but ALL parts of the Heliotrope are poisonous.

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Is heliotrope poisonous?

All parts of heliotrope plant are poisonous. If eaten in large amounts, the plant can cause stomach distress and liver damage in humans and animals. Certain varieties of heliotrope found in warm ar... Read More »

Heliotrope Plant Care?

Heliotropes take their name from their habit of turning their leaves toward the sun; "helios" is Greek for "sun." These lovely traditional flowers also produce a remarkable sweet scent, especially ... Read More »

Do heliotrope flowers attract hummingbirds?

Heliotropes are tiny violet and blue flowers that bloom for months, giving off a vanilla scent that attracts hummingbirds as well as butterflies, bees, and birds. The sweet-scented flowers can be p... Read More »

Do heliotrope flowers attract butterflies?

Heliotrope flowers have a sweet vanilla scent and nectar that attract butterflies. Nectar is the preferred food of most butterflies. Grow this plant in full sun to take advantage of the sun-loving ... Read More »

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