What is a hedge?

Answer A hedge is a bushlike vegetation, some what like a shrub.A hedge is a line of srubs or trees closely planted to form a barrier.

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How do I trim a hedge with electric hedge trimmers?

Trimmer OrientationStart with the trimmer parallel to the hedge, so the blades only remove the upper-most or side-most leaves and branches. This will keep the hedge squared off and allow you to pru... Read More »

The Role of Hedge Funds & Hedge Fund-Like Mutual Funds in a Portfolio?

The initial design of the hedge fund provided a hedging or insurance for the investment portfolio. Now hedge funds offer aggressively managed portfolios with fewer limitations on the investment cho... Read More »

How to Hedge Bushes?

You can form hedges out of many types of bushes; however, not all of them form tight compact hedges. Bushes that have loose, long branches will form bushy rows. Boxwoods and holly bushes create tig... Read More »

How to Hedge Currency?

Currency hedging lessens the risk of losing money when the value of the currency or assets a company or individual is holding drops relative to other currencies. For example, if all of your assets ... Read More »