What is a heaven bank note?

Answer Hell bank notes, sometimes called heaven bank notes, are pieces of paper in the form of spiritual "money" that is ritualistically burned in honor of deceased loved ones in China.Joss PaperHell bank... Read More »

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What is a Norwegian bank note?

A bank note is paper money issued by a central bank. The Norwegian unit of currency is the krone. Norwegian bank notes are paper money issued in denominations of kroner.References:Norwegian Money a... Read More »

What color is the 5 euro bank note?

Euro banknotes are distinguished by color and size. The 5 euro note is gray and is the smallest of all the notes at 120mm by 62mm. Euro size increases with higher denominations. The largest bill, t... Read More »

What is a single star bank note?

Single star bank notes are produced when a note that has already been assigned a serial number is found to have imperfections. The star note has its own serial number, with a star at the end instea... Read More »

What is the largest Canadian bank note?

As of 2010, the largest Canadian bank note in circulation is the $100 bill. The Canadian government used to produce $500 and $1,000 bills, but they are out of circulation.References:Bank of Canada... Read More »