How likely is it that someone would die from a heart murmur?

Answer lrd00a has it pretty much right on. They chances that someone would die are small, but they increase as the severity of the murmur increases. If the person isn't treated they could die if the murmu... Read More »

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What is heart murmur?

What causes a heart murmur and why would I have one at age 40?

A heart murmur is caused by abnormal blood flow through one or more of the 4 valves that are in the heart. Usually the cause is a valve leaking and a slew of medical conditions can cause this leaki... Read More »

Is a heart murmur something to be worried about?

Depends on the cause of your murmur and symptoms. Broadly, provided it's not affecting the hearts performance, no. However, just because you don't have symptoms does not by default exclude patholo... Read More »

What is a murmur/murmer in the heart and what can it cause?

my mother had a hear murmur as i child i forgot supposed cause... refer to a medical dictionary at the library, examine your self as best u can, see a doctor/specialist for the heart if affordable ... Read More »