What is heart murmur?

Answer It is a leaking heart valve.

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What causes a heart murmur and why would I have one at age 40?

A heart murmur is caused by abnormal blood flow through one or more of the 4 valves that are in the heart. Usually the cause is a valve leaking and a slew of medical conditions can cause this leaki... Read More »

Heart murmur question ,,,?

It could just be heart palpations. If your do start feeling extremely out of breath, your heart beating fast, or chest pains(but with any chest pain go to your doctor!), lay down and relax. But I r... Read More »

Can you get out of gym class if you have a heart murmur?

Is my heart murmur a threat to my health?

Hello,It would be helpful to know whether your doctors ever formed a conclusion, about what your childhood murmur represented, in physical terms.My guess, since it seems to have caused but little e... Read More »