What is a healthy level of testosterone for men?

Answer Although found in both men and women, the hormone testosterone is much more abundant and necessary in men. The testes produce testosterone, which plays a key role in puberty for boys.The FactsTesto... Read More »

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Do I have high testosterone level?

Yeah you've got high levels of testosterone but don't stress it's more common than you'd think. Start taking a water pill and birth control pill regularly and it will slow down the growth DRASTICA... Read More »

How to Increase My Testosterone Level?

Testosterone is a hormone that promotes the development of the penis and scrotum in the fetal and embryonic stages of development. As men age, they experience a drop in testosterone levels, often ... Read More »

Can a Very High Testosterone Level Cause Back Acne?

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What is a healthy PSA level?

Prostate Specific Antigen, also known as PSA, is a protein that men produce to help the movement of sperm. The normal range of PSA is 2.0 to 5.5 ng/ml, depending on the age of the man. For men in t... Read More »