What is a healthy diet for liver disease?

Answer Individuals with liver disease are advised to follow a special diet that will provide the body with energy and essential vitamins. However, some nutrients should be eliminated from the diet so that... Read More »

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What is fatty liver disease in cats?

Also called feline hepatic lipidosis, fatty liver disease is a serious and potentially deadly condition that especially affects elderly overweight cats. Symptoms include a cat with decreased appeti... Read More »

What Are the Treatments for Canine Liver Disease?

Canine liver disease can be a very serious condition. There are many possible treatment options, and knowing all of them will help you to better decide how to take care of the problem.

What are the treatments for alcohol induced liver& kidney disease?

Alcohol is a central nervous system depressant with a wide range of long-term side effects, including kidney and liver disease. Treatment options are designed to restore as much normal function to ... Read More »

Is liver healthy to eat?

Moderate liver consumption is healthy as it is a source of protein, natural vitamin A, vitamin B12, folic acid, iron, copper, an unidentified anti-fatigue factor and CoQ10 (nutrient important for c... Read More »