Body Fat Percentage?

Answer That depends on how big your ab muscles become. With less fat you will see more abs, so wouldn't it be logically accurate to try to have as less fat as possible. I have 5 percent body fat and the t... Read More »

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How low does my body fat percentage have to be to see abs?

Sorry bro but I doubt you are 6% body fat. If you were sub 6, your abs would show with ease. Brad Pitt in Fight Club and Bruce Lee in most movies were 5-6%. Are you more ripped than them? You're pr... Read More »

How to Decrease Body Fat Percentage?

Are you here to get that body fat percentage lower? or just tired of being overweight? This article will help you.

How can I get my accurate body fat percentage?

The most accurate ways would be by using a:Bod Pod, Dexa Scanning or Hydrostatic WeighingThe cheapest way would be by using:Calipers or Tape measuring but it greatly depends on the person applying ... Read More »

Whats a good body fat percentage?

To give you an idea:Unhealthy low fat for men: Below 5%Unhealthy low fat for women: Below 10%Athletic Male: 6 - 15%Athletic Female: 15 - 20%Fit Male: 16 - 19%Fit Female: 21 - 24%Average Male: 20 - ... Read More »