What is a healthy blood pressure for a thirteen year old boy?

Answer The average blood pressure does not vary with age. It is usually around 120/80.I do know what i am talking about for both parents are doctors and I have reecently been sick, so I have had my blood ... Read More »

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137/64 blood pressure, 86 pulse for 51 year old make, generally healthy, non smoker. No other health issues.?

You have got prehypertension. Normal blood pressure is < 120/80 mmHg. Cardiovascular risk doubles for every 20 mmHg of systolic BP or 10 mmHg of diastolic BP over and above the normal blood pressur... Read More »

Is my blood pressure healthy?

I assume you wanted to write 122 and 82 (instead of 28). If that is so your blood pressure is normal.

What is a healthy blood pressure rate?

Your heart transports blood through your body via arteries. The amount of force your heart uses to pump your blood, either while your heart beats or in between beats, is called blood pressure.Signi... Read More »

Healthy blood pressure range?