What is a healthy alternanitive to eating chips?

Answer fruit salad, any veggie, nuts, low fat crackers like multi gran Breton crackers, any fruit really, low fat granola bar. Just remember everything in moderation some nuts are high in fat just a handf... Read More »

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Are baked chips healthy?

I wouldn't call them healthy but they are better then regular chips

What is the benefit of healthy eating habits?

Healthy eating encourages balance, variety and moderation in food consumption, according to WebMD. The goal of healthy eating is to help you consume the vitamins, minerals and nutrients your body n... Read More »

What is the benefit of eating healthy food?

The benefits of following a healthy diet affect many different aspects of a person's lifestyle, including physical, emotional and mental well-being.Physical BenefitsEating a healthy variety of food... Read More »

What are the intellectual effects of healthy eating?

There can be many intellectual effects of healthy eating, however it can depend on the persons overall mental attitude. Generally, however, healthy eating supplies the body with more lasting, subst... Read More »