What is a health insurance claim?

Answer A health insurance claim is a formal notification to an insurance company of a health related incident that qualifies under the insurance policy agreement for reimbursement. Claims often require re... Read More »

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What is a lasered claim on health insurance?

A lasered claim on health insurance refers to a claim printed on a CMS-1500, UB-04 or similar form. These forms are compatible with laser printers, and medical professionals and facilities use them... Read More »

How to Appeal a Decision on a Health Insurance Claim?

All consumers have the opportunity to appeal a health insurance plan decision. Under the Affordable Care Act, effective September 2010, consumers have the right to appeal through their health plan'... Read More »

How to Fill Out a Health Insurance Claim Form?

With most health insurance plans, you do not need to complete a health insurance claim form to receive coverage. Showing your insurance card is usually sufficient. For some types of health insuranc... Read More »

Health Insurance Claim Processing Procedures?

Health insurance claims take a standard path from submission and adjudication to payment and notification. At each step of the path, there are variables; however, each health insurer follows the sa... Read More »