What is a head of household on taxes?

Answer There are five ways that a person can file their United States income tax, one of which is as "head of household." According to the IRS, if a person qualifies for head of household status, their ta... Read More »

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How to Claim Head of Household on Taxes for the IRS?

Determining your filing status represents an important step in correctly filing your taxes and serves as the basis for calculating standard deductions, tax rates and additional credits. Just one of... Read More »

Who qualifies as the head of the household for taxes?

To file as the head of household, as of 2010, the requirements include being unmarried on or before the last day of the year, paying more than 50 percent of the cost of upkeep for the home and havi... Read More »

Can both divorced parents claim head of household when filing taxes?

Both divorced parents can claim Head of Household when filing taxes, but only if they have more than one child and at least one child lives with each parent more than half of the year.References:Wo... Read More »

Are Taxes on Household Workers Deductible?

As a rule, the Internal Revenue Services considers salaries and payroll taxes for household employees to be personal expenses for the employer, and therefore non-deductible. However, two exceptions... Read More »