What is a harpsichord made from?

Answer Harpsichords are built primarily from wood, including basswood, yellow poplar, North American linden, pine and other hardwoods. Soundboards are traditionally constructed from Norway or Ingleman spr... Read More »

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Who made the harpsichord?

The first known mention of a harpsichord maker is by Lodovico Lambertacci. In 1397, Lambertacci wrote in a letter to his son-in-law that the physician Hermann Poll is "a very ingenious man and an i... Read More »

Who invented the harpsichord?

The origin of the harpsichord is able to be traced back to the middle ages, but is lost beyond that. The earliest records written records regarding the instrument are dated in the 1300's, but it is... Read More »

What is the brand of lurch's harpsichord in the Addams family?

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