What is a harley rake?

Answer One of the most radical changes that can be made in the look of a custom motorcycle is the rake of the front end. This is the alteration of the rake angle and lengthening of the front forks, which ... Read More »

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The Specifications of a Harley Rake T6?

The Harley Rake T-6 is a pull-behind tractor rake designed to prepare large areas of soil for landscaping projects. The roller bar of the rake breaks up dry or compact soil to prepare it to receive... Read More »

How Do I Determine the Rake on the Front of a Harley or Custom Chopper?

Motorcycle rake is an important determinant in your motorcycle's suspension and handling. The larger the rake, the longer your front forks will have to be. A large rake gives you excellent stabilit... Read More »

If i'm a nerd with a skin disease and I owned a Harley could I still hang out and ride with Harley Riders?

You are welcome to ride with us. On an average ride we have;- a computer repair tech- 3 or 4 olde retired pharts- two lesbians- one veterinarian- a couple of "poseurs"- one plumber that we nickname... Read More »

What is a thatching rake used for?

A thatching rake (also called a thatch or dethatching rake) is used to dethatch lawns. Dethatching is the process of removing a harmfully thick layer of thatch, an accumulation of dead grass and pl... Read More »