What is a hard drive image?

Answer A hard drive image is a snapshot of your computer's data. You can use an image to restore your computer to the moment the snapshot was taken, or transfer the exact data, including the operating sys... Read More »

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How to Image a Hard Drive?

There are many different reasons why someone would want to create a backup of their entire hard drive. Perhaps you need to transfer all of the contents to another physical drive, or you may simply ... Read More »

How do I copy a CD image to a hard drive?

Acquiring SoftwareAcquire software for recording a CD image or ISO file. No version of Windows currently ships with the ability to make ISO files from CDs or DVDs, so a piece of third-party softwa... Read More »

How to Restore a Hard Drive Image With Nero?

Restoring hard drive backup images to your computer is possible using your Nero Copy and Backup program, allowing you to undo adverse system changes, such as missing files, software issues and cont... Read More »

How to Make an Image of My Hard Drive Using Nero 8?

An image file of your hard drive is useful in the event of hard drive replacement or a reformat. An image file will contain every bit of information that your hard drive has, so there is no data lo... Read More »