What is a halter?

Answer A halter is a device, usually made of nylon, rope or leather, that is designed to fit around the head and neck of a farm animal so that it may be caught, secured or led without harm to it or a hand... Read More »

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What kind of jewelry do you normally wear with a formal-event halter topped long dress?

I would suggest a drop necklace, small matching earrings and a cute little matching bracelet.Your dress sounds beautiful, so less is more.As for your hair, talk to a professional and look through s... Read More »

How to Halter a Horse?

A halter is a leather, webbing or rope headstall. It is used with a lead rope to lead a horse from the ground. Some halters can also be used to tie the horse for grooming or tacking up.If you are n... Read More »

How to Win in Showmanship at Halter?

How to lock in for 1St place if the judge has to make a split decision. Some very helpful hints.

How to Tie a Rope Halter?

Rope halters are a nice alternative to nylon halters, because they are easy to fix and much more lightweight. There is a downside, however, in that if you do not secure it correctly, the horse will... Read More »