What is a halogen bulb?

Answer A halogen bulb is a variety of lightbulb constructed of high-temperature quartz glass and a tungsten filament, then filled with one of several halogen gases. Though halogen bulbs most commonly cont... Read More »

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Is there an LED bulb replacement for a jcd type GY8 pin halogen bulb?

Currently, there are no LED replacements for any JCD type bulbs.

How hot does a halogen bulb get?

A high-wattage halogen bulb can reach temperatures higher than 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit. Typically used in torchiere lamps, halogen bulbs produce a bright white light that does not fade. They can c... Read More »

Halogen Bulb Safety?

A halogen bulb is a high-efficiency incandescent lamp that uses a tungsten filament inside a transparent envelope. This envelope is filled with an inert gas and small amounts of halogen to produce ... Read More »

How do I replace a halogen bulb?

Removing the BulbTurn the electricity to the socket containing the bulb you wish to remove, and allow the bulb to cool. Once cool to the touch, firmly grasp the bulb near the base, and turn counter... Read More »