What is a halogen bulb?

Answer A halogen bulb is a variety of lightbulb constructed of high-temperature quartz glass and a tungsten filament, then filled with one of several halogen gases. Though halogen bulbs most commonly cont... Read More »

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Is there an LED bulb replacement for a jcd type GY8 pin halogen bulb?

Currently, there are no LED replacements for any JCD type bulbs.

What is the purpose of a halogen light bulb?

Halogen light bulbs are used because: they can be operated at a higher temperature than can be used for ordinary light bulbs. This results in less heat production compared to light output and an o... Read More »

What is the comparison lumen output in a 10w halogen bulb vs 60w incandescent?

There's a range of products in each category and incandescent lumen output degrades more quickly than halogens due to typically short lamp life. Try this for a start."14-17.5 lumens per watt for st... Read More »

How hot does a halogen bulb get?

A high-wattage halogen bulb can reach temperatures higher than 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit. Typically used in torchiere lamps, halogen bulbs produce a bright white light that does not fade. They can c... Read More »