What is a halogen hob?

Answer While using a gas or electric oven is common in most homes, some opt for halogen cooktops, also known as halogen hobs. The power of a halogen hob provides the cook the speed of gas power with the r... Read More »

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What is in a halogen lamp?

Halogen lamps last longer than traditional light bulbs because of the halogen gases used inside them, which protect the filament. Halogen lamps are commonly used as vehicle headlights as well as in... Read More »

What can you make out of halogen?

Most people do not realize that halogen is not an element, but a group of elements. The halogens are not naturally found in their most basic form; rather, they exist as salts.FluorineWhile it plays... Read More »

What is a halogen bulb?

A halogen bulb is a variety of lightbulb constructed of high-temperature quartz glass and a tungsten filament, then filled with one of several halogen gases. Though halogen bulbs most commonly cont... Read More »

What is a halogen cooker?

A halogen cooker cooks food by converting electricity into heat using halogen light bulbs. The heat emitted cooks the food located below the bulbs in less time than a conventional oven, while using... Read More »