What is a hack driving license?

Answer Even before there were cars, horse-drawn hackney carriages provided transportation to city dwellers. Carriages have been replaced by taxis, but a taxi driver's license is still sometimes called a "... Read More »

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Is driving on a suspended license different from driving on an expired license?

Driving with a suspended license is operating a vehicle while your license is withdrawn due to a particular violation. Driving with an expired license is operating a vehicle after the expiration da... Read More »

What is the difference between a normal driving license and a PDP license?

A PDP (Professional Driver's Permit) is an addition to your normal drivers license that allows you to transport passengers and goods for payment, taxi, truck, bus, limo, etc drivers must have a PDP... Read More »

Where can I find my driving license number I have both parts of my provisional license to hand.?

It will start with with the first 5 letters of your surname, followed by your date of birth in reverse.

Can a person with a valid International Driving License but without a US drivers license get auto insurance in Texas?

Insurance in Texas Yes, but it is at the discretion of each insurer. You may have the best luck with a non standard company.