How do you say "gyro"?

Answer Yee-Row, not Jy-row or Guy-row

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How do you fox a gyro in an iPhone 4S?

Yes. there is just a slight shift in location of the vibrator hole, but the switch can still be reached and this only occurs with AT&T iPhone 4 cases.

How to Throw a Gyro Curve?

A baseball.The gyro curve is an alternative pitch for the gyro ball. The gyro curve is unhitable if thrown right.

How to Install Gyro on RC Airplane?

A gyro is a device used in order to sense rotation on RC airplanes and helicopters. It can change the response and flight characteristics of the aircraft, while it is being maneuvered or controlled... Read More »

How to Make a Greek Gyro?

Gyros are those types of sandwiches that you will find at a Greek restaurant and many other places. They are made using pita pockets (flatbread) and are delicious.