What is a guitar pick-up?

Answer Used on electric guitars, pickups come in different shapes, sizes, colors and prices. They are mounted on the guitar under the strings so they can interpret the vibration being played and electroni... Read More »

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Can you use an electric guitar amp for an acoustic guitar with a pick up?

Both acoustic-electric and semi-acoustic guitars can connect to any guitar amplifier using a 1/4-inch instrument cable. Examine the body of your guitar and see if a jack or volume knobs are present... Read More »

Can i take a electric guitar pick up and put it on my acoustic guitar.?

Not without ruining your guitar in the process. There are lots of pickups made specifically for acoustic guitars by companies like Fishman, LR Baggs, B-Band, and Schertler.

How to Pick Your First Guitar?

A guitar that is awesome!Are you interested in playing guitar? If so then you'll need a guitar that is playable and affordable. But there are other factors to picking your first guitar.

How to Get a Pick out of a Guitar?

Do you constantly shell out money for new guitar picks each trip to the music store because unbeknownst to you, they can be rescued form the inside of your sound hole in a very simple, quick and ea... Read More »