How to Make Your Guinea Pig Happy Without a Second Guinea Pig?

Answer You may think your guinea pig is not happy without a little buddy. If you follow these steps, he or she will be happy!

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How to Know What to Feed to Guinea Pigs?

Guinea pigs can be fussy little creatures. They will be shy at first, but they are loving and caring. Be patient, and they will eventually squeal when you come into the room. Follow these simple gu... Read More »

What is the distance between guinea and benin?

Traveling by road, the distance between Lola, in the southeastern corner of Guinea, and Agbalide, on the western border of Benin, is approximately 927 miles, or 1500 kilometers. The trip, which tra... Read More »

What kind of food does a guinea pig eat?

Guinea pigs (also known as Cavies) don't produce vitamin C on their own so it's important that they get a balanced diet to prevent scurvy. In addition to pellet food found at feed stores, guinea pi... Read More »

What healthy foods do guinea pigs eat?

Guinea pigs enjoy a healthy diet of pellets made from timothy or oat hay in addition to fresh flakes of timothy hay. Treats high in vitamin C such as uncooked kale, raw snow peas and fresh strawber... Read More »