Okay Guilty Pleasure name time...?

Answer haha great question! Well I'll give you the names my husband and I would go for, and the names I would go for. Our last name is Walden:OUR CHOICES:Tennessee Walden (a boy, after Tennessee William... Read More »

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Can you name 6 girls using my guilty pleasure list?

Elladora LibertyScarlett PiperTiger-Lily IslaHerbione BlytheWillow BlossomIreland SageI'd use Elodie, Hermione (but only as a middle name), Isla, Luna (middle name) Phoenix (middle name), Rowen, Sa... Read More »

What would you name your children using my guilty pleasure names?

Persephone AllegraFlorence GuinevereElowen PhaedraRoman AlaricLincoln PierceEvander Jace-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+…BQ: To me, the term "usable" is often open to interpretation when it... Read More »

What would you name six children using ONLY guilty pleasure names of yours?

Hmmm, only guilty pleasures? Six boys:-- Destery Pierce "Dest"-- Barnaby Dexter "Barney"-- Nehemiah Matthew "Neo"-- Mordechai Noah "Cai"-- Perseus Thorne "Percy"-- Thaddeus Perry "Tad"Six girls: --... Read More »

What's your kid's names {Guilty Pleasure edition}?

- Chandler Emery- Truitt Madden- Malakai Carter & Delilah Serenity