What is a group of photographs called?

Answer An album or a portfolio.

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What is the name of a late 70s early 80s tv movie about a man who photographs a young girl called angel?

Answer Fallen Angel 1981. Richard Masur played 'Howard Nichols," the photographer of child pornography. Dana Hill played "Jennifer Phillips," known as "Angel."

What is a zebra group called?

In the wild, zebras form large groups of females and young led by a single stallion. These groups are commonly referred to as herds, but may also be termed cohorts or zeals.References:African Wildl... Read More »

What is a group of termites called?

Termites are exceptionally social insects, and live in complex groups known as "colonies". When these colonies take flight, they are called "swarms". An individual termite is referred to as a "sold... Read More »

Who are the group called untouchables?

--In India the untouchables, or Dalits, are the objects of extreme prejudice and discrimination. --The Untouchables TV series (1959-1963) focused on a group of Prohibition Agents in Chicago during ... Read More »