What is a group of baby chickens called?

Answer A group of baby chickens, or chicks, is called a brood, a chattering or a clutch. A group of mature chickens would be called a flock. A group of either (or both) chickens and chicks can be called a... Read More »

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What are baby chickens called?

Baby chickens are called "fowls," though they are often are called "chicks" or "peeps." Baby chickens are not hard to raise, though it takes time and effort to make sure the chicks are well cared f... Read More »

What is a group of genera called?

A group of genera makes up a family. In biology, living things are grouped hierarchically, from largest and most general down to more specific classifications. Genera is plural for "genus", which i... Read More »

What is a group of buzzards called?

A group of buzzards is referred to as a wake. A wake can also refer to a group of vultures. Buzzards are considered birds of prey, and they feed on other animals.Source:The Medina County Gazette: C... Read More »

What is a group of photographs called?