What is a group of Marines called?

Answer Each group of 4,800 marines is a regiment, and a regiment has several different parts. Four marines make up one fire team. There are three fire teams in each squad. Four squads make up a platoon. F... Read More »

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What is the turn based sci fi game called which i think was made in the late 90's where you are a group of marines that look like storm troopers and you have to fight aliens?

Marines are called Jarheads but what is the Army called?

They can also be called "jarheads," because their buzz-off haircuts are similar if not identical. You can call Army soldiers "GIs." GI is short for "Government Issue," and is often incorrectly thou... Read More »

What is the elite fighting group in the marines?

Is there a more elite combat group in the marines?

MARSOC or MSOC either way Marine Special Operations Command.