What is a greenhouse made of on the outside?

Answer You can use several different types of enclosuresPlastic sheeting is used,Glass with steel frames are usedthere are some corrugated plastic panels with metal frames

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How to Plant Greenhouse Plants Outside?

Plants that are growing in a greenhouse are used to their ideal environment, 24 hours a day. Outdoors though, plants are exposed to varying light, water, winds and temperatures. Moving them from th... Read More »

What is greenhouse gas made of?

Greenhouse gases are gases that trap heat in the atmosphere, in turn creating what is known as "global warming." According to the EPA, the main greenhouse gases include carbon dioxide, methane, nit... Read More »

What is a greenhouse made of?

A greenhouse can be made of greenhouse plastic or glass, lumber and PVC piping. Greenhouse plastic is a special UV-resistant plastic. Four different types of greenhouse plastic are polyethylene, co... Read More »

Greenhouse growers often add carbon dioxide to the air in the greenhouse What is the advantage of doing this?

All plants need carbon dioxide to complete photosynthesis. Mammals take in oxygen and breath out CO2. It is the exact opposite for plants. The stomata on the plants act as lungs for the CO2 to ente... Read More »