What is a green card holder in the USA?

Answer The term "green card holder" is used to refer to someone's immigration status in the United States. Green card holders are also citizens of other countries.DefinitionGreen card holders are consider... Read More »

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What Is a Green Card Holder?

For foreign citizens wishing to live in the United States, green cards allow permanent residence and endow the bearer with the rights and responsibility of a citizen. Green cards are obtained by ap... Read More »

Can a green card holder be deported for credit card fraud?

Can a tps holder apply for green card?

Unfortunally, no. All you can do right now is wait for an immigration reform.

How Long Can a Green Card Holder Stay out of the USA?

A green card holder is considered a permanent resident of the USA. To maintain that status, a visit outside the USA can last no longer than one year. However, there are times when travel outside th... Read More »