What is a great tasting wine for a present under $100 for the gf?

Answer Something with people having fun on the label.

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How to Swirl Wine for Wine Tasting?

For the uninitiated, wine tasting can carry with it a daunting amount of pomp and circumstance. However, the process involved is actually quite simple, and is performed for very real reasons. Wines... Read More »

What do you do at a wine tasting?

First of all, you don't spit. This is an odd myth that used to be somewhat true in some places some of the time. The basins they provide are not for spitting they're for pouring any wine you don'... Read More »

Have you ever been to a wine tasting?

i went in napa vally and it was beautiful and fun and i got drunk so i swallowed he he he

How to Go Wine Tasting at Wineries?

If you find yourself in Northern California, Central California, Oregon, Washington, New York, Australia, Chile, France or Italy, wine tasting is one of the most romantic and rewarding excursion yo... Read More »