What is a great dinner without meat in it?

Answer Is there such a thing?

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What meat are you having for christmas dinner?

Beef, pork and chicken.....turkey's too dry and tasteless.

If you were a vegetarian and had non-vegetarians over for dinner, would you cook meat?

I cook meat for my family, even though I am vegetarian. Although I think it's wrong to eat meat, I think it's wrong to impose your views on other people.So, yes, I would cook meat for my friends if... Read More »

As a recent vegetarian if I am invited to a dinner can I eat meat if that is what they are having?

your reasons for becoming a vegetarian are health-related and not political, so you're not being a hypocrite if you eat a little bit of meat to make life easier. you can get back on track the next... Read More »

What are some quick and healthy dinner recipes without meat 10 points?

Beans and Rice with whatever veggeis you want mixed inwhole grain Pancakes with lots of fruits (I love breakfast for dinner)Premade veggie Lasagna- you can make ahead and freeze itPizza bites, ther... Read More »