What is a grammar school?

Answer In the United States, early school years go by a number of names, causing confusion for new residents and immigrants. These early educational grades can be known as grammar school, primary school ... Read More »

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What grammar school did shakespeare attend?

William Shakespeare's father was the alderman of his hometown, Stratford-upon Avon, which enabled his children to have a free education. Here, young Shakespeare would have begun attending King Edwa... Read More »

What Is the Difference Between a State & Grammar School?

The public school systems of the United Kingdom and elsewhere are divided into institutions with differing administrations and focuses. These public schools are widely known as state schools. They ... Read More »

The Similarities Between Grammar School & High School?

At first glance, grammar school and high school may not seem to have much in common. A closer look reveals common ground between grammar school students in their early education and high school stu... Read More »

How to Do Well at Grammar School?

It takes some getting used to and work but it's worth it!If you are going to be going to a grammar school next year, or even if you are not, this guide will teach you how to excel at secondary school.