What is a graduation cap called?

Answer During a graduation ceremony, it is customary for students to wear a special kind of hat called a mortarboard cap. Traditionally, the tassel in the middle of the cap is worn on the right side and t... Read More »

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What is Army boot camp graduation called?

Graduation from Army "boot camp" is called simply that--graduation. Incidentally, it is not actually boot camp--boot camp is for the Marines. In the Army, it is called basic combat training, or BCT... Read More »

What is it called when a high school graduating senior does a singing performance at graduation?

The term most often used when a graduating senior sings at the ceremony is "graduation solo" or "graduation performance." The term "graduation performance" can also refer to an entire performance o... Read More »

Which white graduation dress 2012 for college graduation ceremony is the prettiest Which one would you choose?

i like the 3rd and the 5th. very pretty dresses :)

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