What is a grade 5 machine bolt?

Answer Bolts come in all shapes, sizes and materials; each is engineered to do a specific job under specific circumstances. Grade 5 machine bolts are a medium grade made with an eye toward cost and ease o... Read More »

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What Is the Difference Between Plain Grade 8 Bolt & Yellow Zinc?

Fasteners are made from a wide variety of materials like steel, titanium and plastic, all with different benefits and concerns. A common fastener is made from steel, varying by different grades. Gr... Read More »

5th Grade Simple Machine Ideas?

Simple machines are tools we use to help make work easier. There are six types of simple machines (inclined plane, wheel and axle, pulley, screw, wedge and lever). You can make a model of any of t... Read More »

Simple Machine Projects for the 4th Grade?

Simple machine projects for the fourth grade focus on machines that have little or no movable parts and use energy to complete a task. The six most common elementary simple machine learning activit... Read More »

Simple Machine Projects for 5th Grade?

Simple machines make many different types of work easier. With very few moving parts, these machines use basic scientific principals such as energy, motion and gravity to move objects from place to... Read More »