What is a government issued id card?

Answer In the United States, a government-issued ID card is given by either the Federal government or individual states. Most must include a name, date of birth, gender, expiration date and photograph. Th... Read More »

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What is a government issued id?

A government-issued ID is an identification card issued by a state or federal government agency to serve as an official personal identification. Government-issued IDs are, in many cases, the only a... Read More »

Why does facebook need my "government issued ID"?

All I know is that Facebook does make you provide your ID if you put your age as over 18. If you registered as 16 or 13, they wouldn't be asking for that.

How to buy domain names without government issued license?

I checked this out on-line, and it appears that GoDaddy may well ask for proof of ID if there is anything amiss with the registration details. ICANN would insist that domains are sold in a way that... Read More »

What type of documentation is issued by the united states government indicating legal presence?

After the United States passed the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Act in 1996, illegal immigrants were no longer allowed to apply for or receive certain public benefits. These benefit... Read More »