What does 'play the gooseberry' mean?

Answer To behave in as cunning, crafty or devious manner as the wily gooseberry.

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How to Identify a Gooseberry With a Maple-Like Leaf?

According to the USDA, there are more than 46 known species and varieties of gooseberry found in the Ribes genus of fruiting plants. Granite gooseberry, known botanically as Ribes curvatum, possess... Read More »

Are there any possible side effects for gooseberry juice?

Dry skin and other skin problems are known side effects of diabetes. Gooseberry, like any fruit juice, is just a glass of fructose--fruit sugar.

What's your favourite crumble ~ apple or rhubarb or gooseberry.?

omg i love apple crumble i want some now::)

How to Use Amla (Indian Gooseberry ) For Thick, Shiny, Healthy Hair?

Amla (Indian gooseberry) is the common name for an herb used in the traditional Indian health-care system know as Ayurveda. Traditional South Asian cultures use amla as a hair tonic and as an addit... Read More »

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