What is a good workout program for a Total Gym?

Answer On One Hand: Three Days a WeekWorking each major muscle group three times a week with days off in between gives each muscle more frequent attention than typical bodybuilding workouts. With the Tota... Read More »

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What Steps Can You Take to Ensure a Safe Workout Program?

Getting exercise most days of the week is important to stay healthy, but you must follow proper guidelines to get the most out of your workouts. If you are over 35, consult your physician before be... Read More »

What the total cost of the US Nuclear Weapons Program throught 1998?

Whether or not you are an aerospace maintenance apprentice or not, the closest military installation to Baton Rouge, Louisiana is Fort Polk. Roughly 190 north and west of BR. about 55 miles due wes... Read More »


It costs $145 dollars including shipping and it is a good program. If you don't follow the diet plan the results are slower but if you do follow the diet plan you should get fast results.

Did you see Phat Woman start a new workout program?

oh yea! that's my sister bertha! she looks good...don't she? she lost 50 pounds in that picture!