What is a good wine to serve with ham?

Answer On One Hand: White WineWhite wine is a popular choice for meals with ham. More specifically, it is best to go with a semi-sweet wine that has a light flavor. Ham has a light flavor which can be o... Read More »

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What is a good wine to serve with lamb?

On One Hand: Light WinesLamb itself is a rather delicate meat with gamy flavors. The wine must not drown out the lighter meat flavors, so a complex yet elegant wine like pinot noir--particularly fr... Read More »

How to Serve White Wine?

Whether serving white wine to a group of people or just one glass, doing so incorrectly can result in disaster. Corks can crumble, wine can spill, and wine that is too warm or cold results in an un... Read More »

How to Serve Merlot Wine?

MerlotServing Merlot isn't difficult, but with a little knowledge you can gain the full benefit of all the delicious flavors of Merlot.

How do I serve gewurztraminer wine?

Serving GewurztraminerGewurztraminer wine, pronounced ga-VERTZ-trah-MEE-ner, is a white wine originally from Germany. Its name means spice grapes, and it is now made in Germany, France, California ... Read More »