What is a good website to get parts to build your own computer.?

Answer Easy way. Configure it on iBuypower or whatever, then it SHOULD tell you if the parts are compatible or not. Then buy the parts on Newegg.comDon't buy from iBuypower though, they use substandard sh... Read More »

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What parts do I need to build a computer?

Not meaning to offend, but if you must ask, then you should consider having one built for you... despite computers coming a long way in their modularity they still require a good understanding of h... Read More »

What is the cheapest website for computer parts like cpu's and mobo's? - Scan are fantastic for prices but awful for customer service and purchasing. Make sure they have the items in stock before you buy, because if you buy multiple items they'll... Read More »

What parts should i have in a computer im gonna build.?

To build just the computer and components inside it you will need....MotherboardHarddriveVideo CardSound Card if not integrated in the MotherboardRAM (Random Access Memory)Disk Drives / CD DrivesCo... Read More »

If you could Build a Computer Right Now, What would the Parts List Be?

I am building a computer right now. :DI litterally mean right now, this second. :PI'm using....AMD Phenom II x2 Black edition both cores running at 3.1GhzNovatech Tornado case1Tb Western Digital Ca... Read More »