What is a good website to buy japanese food and drinks with shipping under $6.00?

Answer Sangaria is the U.S, distributor. You can contact them through their website and ask if any of your local stores carry it. If there is an Asian Market in your city, you might check them out also.... Read More »

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Any good places to buy Japanese food online?

My wife buys Japanese and Asian groceries online all the time. She loves cooking asian food for the kids. We are in the same siutation as you, no asian stores nearby. So we always order from http:/... Read More »

What is a common Japanese food or drink with a strong odor?

Sake is a Japanese rice wine and is rather bland to the smell.Wasabi has a strong smell.Dune

Can You Check In Luggage With Food and Drinks?

Sealed food and drink items are allowed in luggage checked into baggage claim. Tell the staff member when you check in the baggage that there is food inside as a courtesy.References:Transportation ... Read More »

I'mhaving a party in a hall with girls and boys but what food, drinks and songs and how many peeps I invit?

Difficult to answer not knowing a budget or your age/music preferences but, id have to second cloe (above) in saying invite as many people as the hall will fit. For larger groups finger foods are o... Read More »