What is a good way to see celebrities when your in Los Angeles?

Answer I gave you a STAR, too, because I want everyone to know that it's not that easy to see celebrities here. And if you want to know the truth, you have a better chance of seeing them at the grocery st... Read More »

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Can your ex-wife take your kid to another state when you have joint custody and you live in Los Angeles?

Answer When parents share joint custody major decisions concerning the child(ren) must be agreed on by both. This includes moving the child(ren) out of the state jurisdiction where custody was awar... Read More »

What Teen celebrities have good qualities, traits, and have been rewarded for good actions?

I think one of dedicated gymnasts from the Fab Five would be a good example like Gabby Douglas. How she dedicated her entire life to making the Olympics and competing in gymnastics :) She's somewha... Read More »

What is a good dance club in Los Angeles for teens...?

Peppermint StickThe Cinnamon CinderPandora's Box

What Are Your Opinions on the following Celebrities?

Alicia Keys: Beautiful woman. Great singer. Really great songs. That whole baby out of wedlock with a married man thing........ I don't know who to believe. It doesn't matter. It's her business. I ... Read More »