What is a good way to see celebrities when your in Los Angeles?

Answer I gave you a STAR, too, because I want everyone to know that it's not that easy to see celebrities here. And if you want to know the truth, you have a better chance of seeing them at the grocery st... Read More »

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What Teen celebrities have good qualities, traits, and have been rewarded for good actions?

I think one of dedicated gymnasts from the Fab Five would be a good example like Gabby Douglas. How she dedicated her entire life to making the Olympics and competing in gymnastics :) She's somewha... Read More »

Is it a good idea for celebrities to adopt babies?

im 13 and i think that's gross. but anyways, just simply give em a talk sayin don't do that. make sure u say u love them at the end. its optional about grounding them though. I would if i was in ur... Read More »

Do you know a good lawyer in Los Angeles?

Yes there is a really hones guy I know and he does really good work and recovers the most he can from the other side. You can call (818) 253-4254. If not you can always go to this website to get a ... Read More »

Good 18 and over clubs in Los Angeles, CA?

I just moved to Cali and people are talking about a place in Hollywood (forgot the name). Also a Place in Long Beach named V20 (hot club) is having an 18 and over party this sunday (4/20) Hope I he... Read More »