My room is really cluttered, how can i organize it without getting really frustrated?

Answer Take it section by section. 1) The closet--take out all of your clothes from your closet. Do you just have a rod for hanging clothes, or drawers as well?a) Sort clean from dirty clothes into two st... Read More »

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When you squeeze your eyes together really tight, what colors do you see?

What smells really bad to you but taste really good?

My friend is in the next room, watching Star Trek Voyager in the next room, really loud, while I pretend to...?

I like Voyager I like TNG a lot it was good at the time , to each their own

Design Ideas for a Bedroom & Living Room Together?

A bedroom combined with a living room is often called a studio. It may or may not have a separate kitchen area. Sometimes the kitchen is simply a cubbyhole with small fridge, four-burner stove and ... Read More »