Anyone got any good ideas on decorating my kids room I have a boy and a girl aged 2 and 3 sharing a room.....?

Answer What about.A magical fairy type scene...........blues around the boys bed bringing to pinks and mauves around the girls bed like a sunset going sideways...then over the boys side you could have sho... Read More »

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Why is a steam room good for you ?

While you may view a steam room as a place to recharge after a long workout, in some countries, such as Hungary, steam rooms are viewed as a medical treatment for conditions such as breathing disor... Read More »

How do I get a room to smell good?

she probely has a 'glad plug in where you can buy anywhere but again it doesn't hurt to ask that's a compliment

How to have a good wi-fi signal in a different room?

Sorry, there is no way to do this without purchasing extra hardware.

Teen room Does this look good?

it looks really good!seriously, i LOVE the bedding... i think im gonna buy it too.i have been looking for cheap ones with that design.the bedding with the light blue walls would look really good.