I need to lose weight fast. How much will I lose if I have one of my legs amputated?

Answer Above the knee? Or below?

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Is 130 pounds a normal weight for a 5' 3 12-year-old girl and how can you lose weight fast?

130 lbs is perfectly normal. You will stretch out over the years. I was 200 lbs and 5'3 in Dec. of '94 when I was 12. Because of problems caused by the obesity, I walked 4 out of 7 days and ate rig... Read More »

What do models do to lose weight fast?

Models need to maintain a lower weight than average people because of their profession, and they occasionally need to lose weight quickly. They do this through a variety of diet and exercise techni... Read More »

What is the best Diet pills I can use to lose weight fast?

I think the mentality of trying to lose weight fast will only get you in trouble, but the only diet pill I've ever tried that I had some results with, was the free 2 week sample of Alli and I can t... Read More »

What makes a puppy throw up, pee blood and lose weight fast?

There are many things this could be, and I am not a licensed vet to give you a correct answer (and the fact that the animal must be seen and examined), but I will tell you for sure that this is SER... Read More »